Renewable Energy Projects


Completed Projects                          

     Wind Projects                          Location         Total Generation

       First Wind                                  Milford            Phase I; 203 MW                                                                                    Phase II; 102 MW

        Spanish Fork Wind Park        Spanish Fork              19MW

    Geothermal Projects

        Cyrq Energy                            Beaver County            10 MW

        Blundell Geothermal-RMP          Milford                     34 MW 

     Solar Projects

        Milford High School                     Milford                      20 kW 

        SunSmart                                    St. George               100 kW



Planned Projects

                                                              Location                Total Generation   
        Enel N.A. -Geothermal               Cove Fort      19 MW; Future plans of additional 33MW


Utah House

        Utah House- USU Extension's sustainable building demonstration and education center


National Project Links/Resources

        American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

        Geothermal Energy Assoc. (GEA) U.S. Geothermal Power Plants

        American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

         Interactive Map of U.S. Wind Farms



Department of Energy                                   

        Integrated Bio-refineries

        NREL Biomass Projects

        NREL Geothermal Projects

        NREL Wind Projects

        NREL Solar Projects


 Picture taken at First Wind's Milford Wind Project

For more info contact:

Alair Emory- Office of Energy Development


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